Jaimee Bryce

Jaimee’s passion for helping families stems from her own experiences raising four children, two of whom have ASD.¬† She studied psychology at Vancouver Island University, and received an Autism Spectrum Disorder certificate from Okanagan College in 2012.

Jaimee is an eager learner and has attended many workshops including¬†intensive ABA training through Autism Partnership and many workshops on topics such as Social Thinking and Executive Functions.¬† In addition to several years experience doing intervention in people’s homes, Jaimee worked for 7 years in Starbright Children Development Centre’s Autism Program as a Behaviour Interventionist and as a Senior Behaviour Interventionist.

Jaimee is keen to use her over 12,000 hours experience as a Senior BI and her extensive training to continue to serve the Autism community in the Okanagan through Reach the Peak.