COVID-19 Info

Reach the Peak COVID-19 Safety

Your child’s safety is of the most important to us at Reach the Peak. Here are the protocols staff at Reach the Peak have implemented to keep your family, and our staff safe during these times:

  • Strictly enforced sick policy for both staff and clients
  • Both Staff and Clients are required to submit an Active Screening Questionnaire each morning before session
  • Increased cleaning of surfaces and all toys – this is done after each session (Morning, Afternoon, and After School), by all staff
  • Increased hand washing by both staff and clients during session
  • Distancing when possible within the space
  • Certain toys that are normally shared but difficult to clean (like playdoh), clients will have their own labelled container or the item will not be used during sessions at this time.
  • Continually monitoring and updating our protocols as required to keep all safe


COVID-19 Active Screening Questionnaire