Home Based Sessions

Home Based Early Intervention Program:

Some children have developmental profiles and learning needs that are best addressed by having a behaviour interventionist (BI) come to their home for the intervention sessions. Families of children who have behaviour intervention in their own homes should expect the following:

  • BIs come to your home and implement treatment goals there.  
  • Treatment sessions typically are 3 hours long and occur 3 times a week.  
  • Families usually have a designated “work spot” with a child-sized table and chairs.
  • Although the BIs bring some materials, families are responsible for having age-appropriate toys available for the sessions.
  • Playdates with other children in the program or family friends can be a planned part of the intervention.
  • A consultant supervises sessions in your home to problem solve, advance learning and continue training the BI and family members.
  • Parents are welcome to participate in behaviour intervention sessions.  This is a great opportunity to learn the skills to teach your child.
  • Often siblings hear how much fun their brother or sister is having and want to join in.  If there are other children in the home, they can be involved in the BI therapy session for brief periods as long as it enhances, rather than detracts, from the therapy session.
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