Over 6 Program


Programs for School Age Children and Youth

Social Skills Groups:

Children and youth over the age of 6 years are offered small groups that focus on a variety of skills.  Our small group programs are always growing in response to requests from families for their children and youth.  At times we offer:

  • social thinking groups
  • cooking classes
  • board games groups
  • play groups
  • role playing game groups
  • distress tolerance groups
  • anxiety groups

All groups involve a focus on social skills and foster the development of friendships.  Please contact us to find out what groups we are offering that may be of benefit to your child.  We are always interested in hearing your ideas for a group!

Individual therapy:

If your child’s learning needs are better addressed through individual therapy, Reach the Peak offers after school home-based or center-based sessions to work on academic skills, theory of mind, psychological flexibility, and executive functions.

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